Some readers of this blog won’t share the same experiences or beliefs as me but I’m going to talk about healing. I’ve always possessed a vague cynicism and never really been convinced by miraculous and instant supernatural healings. (Oh me of little faith) I’m always far too concerned for the people who do have tremendous faith and don’t get healed. I do, however believe in a God that can do anything and that things may not always be in ‘our’ time, but in his.

I have had chronic pain in my neck/shoulder-blade area for about 20 years.

Some sort of repetitive strain injury began when I was breastfeeding my little one and carrying her in one of those front baby carriers. I also broke my collar-bone when I was younger so this may have had an impact on my posture. Anyway, for 20 years I have had a 50 pence sized area of pain which flares up when am stressed, cold, tired, typing, walking, carrying a handbag, sitting down, standing up (see what I’m doing here?) basically constant and enduring pain, at all times, except for when I’m asleep. It feels as though I have the tip of a red-hot knife stuck into that area and affects my concentration, stamina, mood, ability to listen to others…basically my all round quality of life! With the exception of my poor mother, I don’t even bother talking about it to anyone for fear of being seen as a complainer.

I’ve tried anti-inflammatory sprays, creams and pills, heat pads, ice packs, GP’s, physiotherapy, sports massage and have had people lay hands on and pray for me.

Recently this exhausting situation reached a climax. Having walked round West London all day window shopping I was honoured to get to hear the rescued Chilean miner Jose Henriquez speak. Obviously Jose’s powerful testimony of how his faith sustained him through such an ordeal and at times a seemingly hopeless situation was mind-blowing to listen to and extremely emotional and powerful.

There were about a 1000 people crammed into Holy Trinity Brompton to listen to this man’s incredible story and there was hardly a dry eye in the church.

And me..I was in pain..finding it hard to concentrate, let alone see the bigger picture.

In prayer time at the end as a couple of tears rolled down my face, I silently said something like, ‘Ok Lord, this pain is totally doing my nut in now,  it’s ridiculous, help me’.  I felt bad that I was stuck in ‘self’ while listening to someone who has endured much bigger struggles than me but, to be honest, I couldn’t wait to get home.

Fast forward…back in Brighton, that night.

So fed up, I decided to google some diagrams of that area of the body and located the area and muscle group which for half my adult life has caused me so much grief. (Trapezius (Traps) and Rhomboid for anyone who’s interested.)

Once I had located the exact area and the things which cause RSI to this muscle group, I  found some stretching exercises and posture tips. Completely broken and fed up with feeling like an 80-year-old woman I was willing to try anything at this point.

Two weeks later, with a bit of exercise, practice and mindfulness. The pain has subsided.

My point? For me, God may not always work with supernatural blinding flashes of light, legs growing longer, gold teeth appearing and instant cures. Whether freeing the Israelites from Egypt, the Chileans from the depths of the mine or people from drug addiction, he sends rescue through people, places and things (including Google). Gloria a Dios.

God will rescue you from your own mine whatever that may be.” (Jose Henriquez)