This week I signed for membership of Accepting Evangelicals. A group in the UK who feel its time to move towards acceptance of faithful loving relationships of same-sex couples.

The site asked if I wanted to be ‘open’ or ‘confidential’ about my support. I had no problem  checking the ‘open’ box. I’m not going to buy into that nonsense. How can I consider myself a straight ally and be ‘in the closet’ with my support?!

But it made me think..Am I an evangelical?Well I assume I am. (at least one with a small ‘e’ anyway..) If that means I share my faith openly which is what I’m doing here, right?

God came to me, I recognised him and chose to follow.

 I’ve never been able to get my head or heart round the whole anti-Gay thing. In fact I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with some of the things I hear and read which do so much damage to individuals, the church and the mission of the Gospel. It doesn’t appear to be as prevalent here in the UK, we don’t seem to have the whole ‘God hates fags’ thing going on-more of a polite ‘silence’ on the issue.

On October 20th, I wore purple for ‘Spirit Day’ a day held in support of GLBT youth. My heart broke to hear about a spate of teenage suicides in the US as a result of bullying. I spoke to a pastor from Revolution NYC who spends his weeks counselling teens via Skype. Kids who are isolated and voiceless, living in rural and isolated communities in the Bible belt. Kids who grow up with the very loud message that they are not okay exactly as they are. I’ve not been able to stop thinking about this.

I thought about my daughter and how terrifying it would be if she wasnt able to talk to me openly and honestly because of my belief system.

I was horrified to hear that Bishop Gene Robinson constantly receives death threats and had to wear a bullet proof vest under his robes at his consecration.

This has led me, with the help of learned friends to do scripture studys myself on these selected 6/7 verses from which so much hatred, confusion and condemnation come. The same condemnation that contributed to slavery, apartheid and subjugation of women.

Result, and point of this post? Its time to move on Christian brothers and sisters. Lets get a dialogue going.

The Bible is a story of God’s radical love and grace for his people surely? I’m not sure it was meant to be a sex manual.

“This is my commandment,” Jesus said, “that you love one another, as I have loved you.”